Welcome to HealthHacks! This will serve as a one stop shop for developer resources for the hackathon.

We understand you will be focusing on many concepts in the hackathon. Such as...

  • Idea generation
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • ... and more

To help ease some of the challenges in these areas, we are providing resources and starter apps. Check out the information below and the sidebar for additional links. You do not have to follow the steps exactly as listed below.

Stage 1: Idea Generation & Validation

We understand coming up with ideas might be challenging in a new domain. Therefore we have provided example scenarios with detailed information about the problem and possible solutions. Check out the page here. While you can use the base scenarios provided, you are encouraged to improve and build off of them!

To ensure the problem that you are solving is a valid problem, it would be a good idea to validate that the problem exists in the market, either though market research or discussions with stakeholders. However we understand that this may not be possible as time is limited during the hackathon.

Stage 2: Design

When building an application/system, you will want to mock up the system architecture and UI so you have a rough idea of what your system will look like. If you are dealing with health sensors/devices, think about the data you are retrieving and and storing and how its flowing between different parts of the system.

As for the UI, Balsamiq Mockup is a great tool to help sketch out your rough designs.

Stage 3: Development

Starter Apps

The goal of the starter apps is to solve the problem of data flow between sensors/devices and mobile phones. Having solved this problem for you all, we hope that you will focus on larger issues and more complex scenarios. However, you are more than welcome to build something from scratch!

Source Code:

The starter applications (iOS, Android, and NodeJS) will help you get up and running in no time. The mobile applications will fetch data from sensors/devices and store it locally. The iOS app will sync the data with the server.

To get started, check out the source code and see our starter app getting started tutorials here:

Checkout Devices/Sensors

We have many devices available to you during the hackathon. Check out the Devices and Sensors Overview page.

Bluemix & Watson APIs

You can also leverage Bluemix services and Watson APIs to add cognition to your application. Check out the Bluemix Overview and Watson Services pages in the left sidebar.

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