Devices and Sensors Overview

We will be providing a set of sensors/devices for your use during the hackathon:


  • Withings Smart Scale
  • Withings BP Monitor
  • iHealth BP Wrist Monitor
  • iHealth PO3 Pulse Oximeter
  • AliveCor MobileECG
  • Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Smart Home Devices

  • Amazon Echo
  • Eve Room
  • Eve Outdoor + Weather
  • Smart Beacon
  • Canary
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Camera
  • Belkin Wemo Switch + Motion
  • Belkin Wemo Insight Switches
  • Belkin Maker


  • Apple Watch
  • Android Watch


  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor
  • Hexoskin
  • BSX Insight
  • Wahoo TICKR RUN
  • Wahoo RFLKT
  • Jawbone Up Move Activity Tracker


  • Withings Aura Smart Sleep System
  • ResMed


  • Kinect
  • Muse

note: additional devices that support google fit

More information on these sensors is located here. The document contains an overview of each sensor along with connectivity related information.

Since we have a limited set of devices, there will be a time limit on how long each team can use the device. See the section below for more details.

Sharing Program

Each team can borrow a device for a set amount of time. Use this time to figure out how to integrate with the device and download its data.

Note, you will need to connect with these devices in different ways:

  1. directly over bluetooth
  2. indirectly through HealthKit/GoogleFit
  3. download raw csv data from the app or website
  4. integrate with the device manufacturers' cloud APIS.

Take this time to figure how to integrate with your device.

Once this has been determined, figure out a way to integrate the app with the device without having the device in hand. For example, if the device requires raw csv data, then create a sample csv file that you can test with. Or if the device integrates with HealthKit/GoogleFit, enter in sample data into HealthKit/Google Fit. Or use our CSV parsers in the mobile app to store data from the CSV in the phone.

What if my app requires real time data?

If your app/system requires the use of real time data from the device, try to simulate the data during the hackathon. You will have access to the device during the presentation/judging in the hackathon. However, make sure to have a backup plan in case if the device or connectivity fails. We all know this always happens during the time of a demo :)

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